EagleRider and FineDays bring the largest most successful motorcycle rental and tours company to AustraliaEagleRider Australia are setting up operations in capital cities as well as a group of franchise dealers in markets around Australia.


Operations began with our company store and headquarters in Sydney and a flagship store in Brisbane, then phasing in other markets right around Australia including our newest store in Cairns.


As a support system for our fleet management process, we also run a used motorcycle brokerage business on usedmotorcycles.net.au.


While we feature Harley-Davidson tours and rentals we will also embrace the other popular markets like Triumph, Vespa, Victory, Indian and the adventure tours market with BMW, and Triumph.


Another important segment of the Australian domestic market is learner legal rentals. We'll service this market using a variety of learner legal models.


Inconsistency within a brand is among the most common reasons stated for customer dissatisfaction. The customers experience must be consistent regardless of which EagleRider Australia location they choose. With this in mind we’ll ensure our staff, motorcycles and facilities are best placed to be market leaders and most accessible to the consumer.


FineDays will embrace and build on the EagleRider traditions of quality and customer service here in AustraliaOur facility standards are modeled on the latest EagleRider Dealer standards for size, showroom finish, fixtures, lighting, and customer amenities.


First impressions are so important when making purchasing decisions that great care must be taken as we position our brand.

FineDays and EagleRider have significant advantages over all the competition in Australia

State of the art facilities will ensure that EagleRider Australia customers feel at home in our stores.





As we grow, we’ll ensure everyone at EagleRider Australia and our Dealers understands the importance we place upon the image of the brand.


We know we’re not just renting a motorcycle, we’re fulfilling dreams.